DO what you want whatever everybody else says.

It all started at the age of 15 when Jens just started playing the drums. After practicing for hours and watching several YouTube tutorials he began to realize his passion for music. Being fed up with drumming, Jay secretly took his sisters guitar and started practicing on this instrument as well. A few weeks later he was capable of playing some of his favorite and well-known songs.

Another year passed. Jens was aging up and with aging up he started to go to little parties! At those parties he was constantly staring at the DJ and thinking "how does he do that?". So what Jay did was that he immediately did some research on "HOW TO DJ". And so was his former alias born DSOES.

In 2017 Jens started JAY WALL and so he began his solo career and playing at many different venues. Working hard and taking his time to practice were/are the key to his success. Up until now he still can't leave his music away for more than one day.

Under his own thought quote "Leaving a party where people nor danced nor sang is like sitting on the toilet with no toilet paper left, a horrible feeling.", Jay still works hard every day to achieve his goals with his music.

With all this being said, Jens is a dreamer, but he keeps his standards low. "It doesn't matter how big the venue or party is, I will always try to give the best of me and keep the quality of my sets at a high level."

Playing and producing music has always been in Jay's heart since he was young. Passion and ambition are the key words he keeps in mind to achieve great things.

Besides DJ'ing and producing he also vlogs his life of a DJ. He does this to show the people that there is nothing too special about a life like his. If you want to watch his vlogs (DUTCH CONTENT) you can click here.



References (Party/Festivals)

Couleurs Devie (Maldegem, BE)

- Snowbreak (Veyzonnaz, SWI)
One Night Stand (Bruges, BE)
Break The House Down (Bruges, BE)
Gentse Winterfeesten (Ghent BE)
BoardX Youth Camp (Berria, ES)
Ontspoord (Roeselare, BE)
Bedrieg Je Lief TD (Geel, BE)
Jozefienenbal (Bruges, BE)
Lollipop Beach Festival (Knokke, BE)
Parsidance Festival (Roeselare, BE)

And many more...

References (Clubs)

Näked Klub (Antwerp, BE)
Coulissen (Ghent/Bruges, BE)
The Place (Ghent/Bruges, BE)
Club 13 (Bruges, BE)
'T kanon (Kortrijk, BE)
Club D (Bruges, BE)
Delta (Ghent, BE)
Klub LuXXX (Maldegem, BE)
Diedjies (Kuurne, BE)

And many more...